E1: Made in London

E1: Made in London

Rock some capital style with a jacket designed, woven and hand-made within the E1 postcode.


You'd be hard-pressed to buy a jacket that is more exclusive, or crafted with more care and attention, than one bearing the E1 label. Conceived, designed, woven, hand-made and sold in very, very limited numbers – all within a few finger spaces of each other on a London A-Z – these jackets capture the passion, style and creativity of the capital's East End.

"I started the project to prove it’s still possible to make something that is hand-crafted and bespoke in this day and age,” says Gresham. “It’s an interesting project that has flourished thanks to an immense love for each stage of the creative process and a desire to offer something that little bit different. That love has brought about a fantastic product."




The yarns for the jackets are woven in Clapton by the London Cloth Company team using traditional methods on Victorian pedal-powered looms. The looms lend themselves particularly well to producing jackets and waistcoats with trousers planned for future collections.

sleeve notes

The weaver is completely self-taught. He bought the looms several years ago from a factory in the north and spent two years learning how to operate them.

The weaver powers the looms with his feet – no planet-wrecking unsustainable fuel sources required here!

We are currently sourcing high-quality fleeces from UK breeders who only rear incredibly rare breed sheep. Future E1 collections will be made using only British heritage wools.

After weaving, the fabric must be finished (cleaned) before being made into jackets. The E1 label is so exclusive that just 30-metre batches of wool are sent to the finishers (normally they deal with thousands of metres a week).