Not Cloth

Not Cloth

In the Gresham Blake Not Cloth we are showcasing projects that show a creative use of fabric and design but not in the traditional GB way. If you would like more information on any of these projects please do contact us.


GB Cushions

Our unique and individual collections of silk cushions are made from our limited edition tie blankets. We will only be producing one of each cushion. Each of our limited edition cushions is woven from 100% silk and made in the UK. This collection is very limited and will be available online and in store from November.

Hotel Pelirocco Bedroom Design

Gresham Blake have the privilege of designing a room in the prestigious Pelirocco hotel in Brighton. The tailoring inspired bedroom comes with shot gun pellets embedded in the wooden floor, vibrant shot gun rifles artwork, quilted hunting blankets, an alter and unique coyote cupboard. This room is currently under construction and will be available for booking at the end of October. If you would like to book the GB room at the Hotel Pelirocco please contact

Pelirocco Room Design.jpg

Rolles Royce.jpg

The Rolls Royce Silver Shadow Fabric Car Door

Gresham has a love for beautiful design and a real passion for the vintage cars. These two loves came together when he was commissioned to cover the back door of a Rolls Royce in fabric. This unique piece is about looking at every day shapes in a different way. The fabric was layer over the door and has naturally taken the shape of the metal. We are currently in the process of covering a whole car. More pictures to follow!