Tony Cox

Tony Cox

Tony Cox is the Manager of our London, Shoreditch store. To book an appointment with Tony please CLICK HERE


Which Gresham Blake store do you work in?

I am predominantely based in the Shoreditch Gresham Blake store, I can however occasionally be found in Brighton.

How many years have you been working in Tailoring?

I've been working in tailoring for the past 6 years, but I'm a veteran of tailored suiting having been born into it. My Grandfather was a Savile Row Tailor and my Grandmother was a seamstress, so I've always had a penchant for wearing tailored and well fitting clothing.

As well as an interest in fashion & tailoring, what keeps you entertained outside office hours? Give us a glimpse of your personality.....

My family are very important to me and they take up most of my time outside of work.

I'm an avid sports fan, particularly boxing, football, basketball and rugby (both codes). I've attended several major sports events around the globe including 2 Olympics, 2 World Cups, 3 Champions League Finals and several high profile boxing events in places like Madison Square Garden and venues in Las Vegas. 

All of the above ties in with my passion for travel. I've visited over 40 different countries in my lifetime and I intend to continue to grow this list.

I also love to do charity work for the Kiyan Prince Foundation and the African Caribbean Leukemia Trust (ACLT.ORG)

What is your most memorable suit creation and why?

One of my clients has a love of beautiful fabrics and I was able to make him a beautiful 2 piece suit amongst many others in a Scabal Treasure Box cloth, a great bunch from Scabal consisting of Super 150 wools, platinum and even a 24 carat gold pinstripe.

What do you think makes Gresham Blake unique from other tailoring brands? 

I love the sometimes quirky designs that Gresham Blake brings to his roster of suits and apparal. When you wear a Gresham Blake Look, you are never going to be seen as 'straight laced'.

Who's your suit-wearing hero?

Prince, A man who created his own distinct looks over several decades, each with a unique look and cut about them in a wide number of colours.

I also think Harvey Spector is the modern day lothario in the TV show "Suits", always immaculately dressed.


What style of suit do you prefer to wear yourself?

I cannot say how glamorous a 3 piece suit looks, so without a shadow of doubt, that is my go to look.

I love my job because.....

There is such a great amount of creativity involved in making people look great. There is such pleasure when you see a client walk out with a smile knowing that you've designed an entire look for a special event or occasion in their life.