"Touch my inside leg and I'll kill you"

"Touch my inside leg and I'll kill you"

When Gresham Blake met Ray Winstone


"Get in the pool you muppet!"

When Gresham Blake offered to hand-deliver Ray Winstone's newest suit he wasn't expecting to have a gun pulled on him. The pair had history. A good one as far as Gresham could figure; he'd made several suits for him and the actor had always seemed pleased with the results.

So what did he do? "I did what any self-respecting bloke would do when someone's waving a shooter in your face - exactly what I was told," says Gresham. But he knew it was just a practical joke, right? "I suspected it was but Ray ís a bloody good actor isn't he."

Gresham had arrived at the actor's house with a photographer friend; Ray had kindly offered to have some promotional photos taken in his new whistle. The photo shoot had started cordially enough. But things took a turn when someone made a smartarse joke about the pool reminding them of the set of Sexy Beast. "The next thing I know," says Gresham, "he's pulled out this gun, pointed it at me and was shouting 'Get in the fucking pool'."

A suited and booted Gresham was in the pool for an hour. "In the end I was thinking 'Just shoot me will you, I'm bloody freezing!" Still, it was pretty cool to have Ray Winstone point a piece at you, even if turned out to be just a prop from one of his movies!"

Gresham first met Ray when he was commissioned to tailor a coat for the actor to wear in a Bet365 advert and they'd hit it off straight away. Not long after that Ray had called wanting a DJ making for an awards do, then a white suit for a trip to Sicily and then some shorts for a trip to South Africa to watch the World Cup. This four-piece suit with matching overcoat (pictured) is the latest Blake/Winstone collaboration."

Ray has a way of making you do what he wants. He's cool - everyone either fancies him or wants to be him, and that's because he's a nice character," says Gresham. "It's like the time I threw a party at the London store and he told me he'd help get it into the papers."

"In the middle of this party he started whispering to me 'Drop your trousers'. I was like 'What are you talking about?' but he just kept on snarling 'Drop your fucking trousers now!' Anyway, I did and it went in all the papers. There I am supposed to be this sophisticated tailor and I'm in The Sun with my pants down - just like he'd planned it. Diamond geezer!"