Wedding Gallery - Mr & Mrs Bruce-Hall

Wedding Gallery - Mr & Mrs Bruce-Hall

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Bride & Groom: Jackson & Jo Bruce-Hall

Date of wedding: 4th July 2015

Style of suit: 3 piece brown and blue overcheck

Tailors: Luke Morgan and Fal Blake


"This was the first time I'd had a suit made for me so I was pretty green to the whole thing. I wanted something that would stand out but I knew there was a real danger of choosing a combination of fabrics that would be garish. The team were amazing, they just seemed to know exactly what I was going for and at every turn, steered me in the right direction.

There was a point, just before the suit was ready, when I had a wobble. I thought I'd made a massive mistake with my choice. I had a horrible feeling that I'd end up looking like a used-car salesman from the 70's. But when I showed up to the fitting, Luke pulled everything together; the suit, the shirt, the tie and the pocket square. God damn, it was beautiful.

I remember pawing feebly at the mirror for a while, then looking over at Luke. He knew it was good and he knew I knew it was good. I will always remember the words he said after the moment passed, he looked me in the eye, nodded once and said; "This ain't my first rodeo, kid." "

Photography: All image credits to Lois Leeson Photography -