The Brighton & Hove Stripe Blazer

There is always something going on at Gresham Blake, believe it or not we dabble with things you wouldn’t even imagine us to! Like for instance, designing our own Brighton & Hove Tartan. Our (more or less) resident photographer Kenny McKraken, from Scotland himself, was one day musing about how he thinks Brighton & Hove should have their own tartan. So, we ran with it, creating our very own officially certified tartan and you all loved it and for good reason! Vivid blues and bright pinks make up a check unlike any other tartan we have seen. A brilliantly vibrant colour palette, even if we say so ourselves…


Our in-house design team have been recreating our, now signature, tartan for a few seasons from shirting to our classic chinos and even the lining in our navy mac.

We have reimagined it in so many ways we wanted really turn it on it’s head and what better way than the introduction of a Venetian Stripe. Arguably as classic as a tartan being steeped in history, albeit a slightly more mediterranean one. Saying that, it is largely unknown where the Venetian Stripe got its name from. Some believe that it has origins in the Italian city of Venice, however there isn’t much research to back that theory up. So others think that the flat weave technique took inspiration from the classic dye houses of Venice. The flamboyant colours that they are renowned for in consequence from the dimly lit rooms of the 18th and 19th centuries where the colours needed to be as vivid as possible to create a lasting impression.

Stripes have always been and probably forever will be a classic theme in menswear and whether you are into boating or not, it is undeniable that this jacket looks great on anyone.

With stripes, confidence is key, make it the focal point your outfit by accompanying it with a classic cream or navy chino to maintain a sophisticated edge. However, it will look just as good with our colourful chinos to completely steal the show, whether it be the races, the tennis or just a picnic in the park. And do you want to know a secret? Forget “go faster stripes”, make way for the all new “look taller stripes”!


The bright blues, yellows and pinks of our our stripe bring life to the classic flat woven cloth with the thick navy stripe keeping it wearable and can be proudly sported from Royal Pavilion to Regatta. This boating stripe jacket will soon be your new favourite summer look and has already been dubbed ‘jacket of the season’ by the design team!

The summer cloth is weighty enough yet breathable. Made from a blend of wool for an elegant drape and cotton for a cool summer look which further demonstrates its durable nature. The blazer is complete with splashes of fuchsia pink found in the melton and the lining make this jacket pop! The Brighton & Hove Stripe Blazer is a standout seasonal jacket. The vibrant cloth is woven fully in the United Kingdom and will be sure to see you through the hotter months year after year.

Jack looking striking our Brighton & Hove Stripe Blazer

Our new SS22 collection is, as always, very limited edition so make sure you don’t miss out on this warm weather winner. I think you’ve earned your stripes…



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