Bespoke Tartan Suit ….for £595

A Gresham Blake BESPOKE BOMBSHELL! we’re mid way through our Black November promotions so here’s a treat!

Your chance to  create and Design your Own BESPOKE TARTAN SUIT for £595!


From the Scottish Highlands to the streets, tartan has reinvented itself as a contemporary, cool and versatile pattern which takes its heritage in its stride.

Tartan is defined by a combination of factors. The use of bold colours in a twill weave are woven symmetrically at right angles so as to create ‘stepped’ diagonal lines. Traditionally colours originated from natural dyes such as berries, plants, mosses and bark. Ancient tartans come in colours that could be created from natural dyes, whereas modern designs come in more variations due to chemical dying, and muted sits somewhere in between.

While tartan’s endurance may in some part be down to the myths that surround it, its appropriation by punk and grunge culture propelled it from an eccentric British textile to a fashion-forward design feature, and today to a sartorially savvy choice of cloth. The variations are virtually infinite, making pattern a viable option; if florals feel too feminine, stripes too boring, spots too kitsch, tartan is neither masculine nor feminine, neither youthful or mature.

As far as we are concerned at Gresham Blake, tartans should be worn by everyone.

Some of our favourite Tartan’s

Black Watch Tartan‘  contemporary colour combination makes it an effortless addition to a modern wardrobe. “It’s so wearable,” Gresham says.

Brighton Tartan’ designed by Gresham Blake. We are proud creators of our very own ‘Brighton and Hove Tartan’ – exclusive to us.  A mixture of blues (the sea), greens (the South Downs), gold and pink (the city’s flamboyance).

As with all official tartans the cloth needed to be certified by a member of the local authority office before it could meet the conditions for the Scottish Register of Tartans Act. Thanks to Mayor Peter West for approving the cloth for us!

‘Royal Stewart Tartan’ Originally designed for Queen Victoria, and adopted by Queen of Punk Vivienne Westwood. It is possibly the most famous universal tartan of them all.

‘Macleod Dress Tartan’ or ‘Loud Macleod’ to its fans.  A Modern vibrant yellow-based tartan with black and red checks.

‘Lindsay Tartan’ Immediately recognisable from its deep green and maroon colours this one is a perfect choice for Autumn.

We have over 100 tartans to pick from!

Get your very own bespoke tartan suit. Be quick, as there’s limited availability to bag this special offer!

Buy now!

Go on, treat yourself (or someone else).


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