BLACK SUIT? A Bespoke Black Suit…for £500?

The FIRST RULE of the ‘Black Suit Club’ is, ‘You have to own one’

Why? In theory, a black suit is the STAPLE of all STAPLES when it comes to formal wear.

But, how easy is it to wear?

At Gresham Blake, we strongly believe that when its done right, a Black Suit is GREAT, but truly awful when done wrong.

Sadly, there is no way to hide from a poorly cut black suit.

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts for a classic Black Suit:

  1. A classic single breasted style will give you the maximum wear and value.
  2. You can’t go wrong with a single button, notch lapel. The single button will give you a nod to the formal and the more regular lapel for smarter casual wear.
  3. But do consider Double-Breasted. Particularly if you are going Bespoke. A double breasted suit, is definitely one that looks like you want to wear it rather then have to wear it.
  4. The perfect cloth for a Black Suit is a medium weight wool with a matte finish. Shiny cloths, cut badly, may cheapen the look.
  5. Consider a fancier lining. This adds your own personality, and will make you smile.
  6. Quirky accents of fun again personalise a Black Suit. Coloured melton’s, flash cuffs are subtle details that add individuality.
  7. If you can, go BESPOKE. A Black Suit is about the silhouette you create. A great fitting Black Suit is like MAGIC. Why do you think James Bond looks so damn hot?

One of the best things about owning a Black Suit, is that it goes with everything. And its Slimming!

For a party, why not accessorise your Black Suit. Silver and gold tie-pins, lapel pins and don’t forget those blingy cufflinks.

For BLACK NOVEMBER 2019, until 30th NOV only, and on a first come first serve basis – we are offering to make a BLACK BESPOKE SUIT for ….£500!!!

Yes, £500 only for a Gresham Blake Black Bespoke Suit.

This not to be missed offer is Limited availability on a first come first serve basis. Buy online, and we will send you a voucher that you can redeem in either our Brighton or London Store.

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