A pictorial look at the behind the scenes action at the filming of Chime N Grime, Part 2: Trailer Park.

Part two of Chime N Grime features a Cameo from Gresham Blake himself alongside Phil & Paul Hartnell (the Orbital), Laurie Vincent (the Slaves), Mark Williams (The Fast Show & Harry Potter), Jason Phats (Phats & Small).

A huge thank you to all that took part in this second seasonal instalment, not forgetting, Tess Dimos, Phil Grundy, Scarlett Quinn, Emma Jane and Simone Jane Piper.

Gresham Blake Chime n Grime BTS Part 2
The Trailer – Filmed in the dark, in the pouring rain!
Phil Hartnoll
Phil Hartnol sheltering from the rain between takes
The Set of Chime N Grime, Part 2 Trailer Park
The Set of Chime N Grime, Part 2 Trailer Park
Jason Phats on the set of Chime N Grime Part 2 Trailer Park
Jason Phats – Method acting
Emma Jane & Laurie Vincent
About to watch Mum & Dad to their thing.
Behind the Scenes, Gresham Blake
Xoé getting Tess ready for filming
Orbital & Jason Phats
3 music power houses, in-between takes
Chime n Grime, Part 2: Trailer Park, Behind the scenes
We love this behind the scenes shot of Simone, Emma & Scarlett
Gresham Blake, Chime n Grime, Part 2 Trailer Park
Gresham can’t resist a photo #smoking
Chime n Grime, Part 2: Trailer Park
Tess really did shave her legs!
Behind the Scenes at Chime n Grime, Part 2, Trailer Park
The crew – It really did rain hard – thanks for powering through.

Chime n Grime, Part 3 will be released shortly, so watch this space to see their second destination.

All clothing worn in this series of Fashion Films are designed and made by Gresham Blake and will be available to purchase both online as-well as in our Brighton and Shoreditch stores.

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