Bespoke Tailoring during Lockdown

Like most industries, ours has been very much affected by the pandemic.

Our brand has been built through a lot of determination and dedication and we will NOT let this pandemic get us down.

Admittedly, Lock Down 1 was a SHOCKER. We did hardly any business in tailoring. With business and leisure travel, weddings, anniversary celebrations, graduation ceremonies curtailed or cancelled, and with many working from home (in cosy clothes rather than suits) people had very little reason to dress up. 

Luckily for us, we did have a ready to wear clothing online presence. I apologize in advance for the huge number of mailshots that I have sent over the last few months.  You see, when I send a mailshot, we always get more sales, and that is what has helped us survive so far. 

We were overwhelmed by the support you lot showed us.  Some of you even supported our brand during the lockdowns by purchasing vouchers online, in advance, for suits that you would have later. Buy now, be measured later.  We will be ever grateful to those clients.

 Every little bit of business helped our brand survive.

And then came the GB Face Mask. Gresham designed these in the summer of 2019 following a motorbike trip to Vietnam, where Gresham researched the best face mask to wear on his journey. He then went on to use this design for a photoshoot we did in the summer of 2019 to showcase our SS2020 collections.

Our Spring Summer 2020 Campaign, photograph taken in Summer 2019, I mean, who knew!

Little did we know how poignant this would be in the next year ahead. This year, after much debate on our part, we decided to manufacture the GB Face Mask. We knew that we would be able to offer an outstanding product for the market and we could make them look good too. We have been overwhelmed by how well these have been received. This product has also kept our business alive.

But it is the actual hands-on Bespoke Tailoring that we have missed so much.  The one-to-one consultations.  The ‘catch-ups’ we had with our friendly clients. 


Gresham measuring the super cool D-Double E in our London Consulting Rooms

At the peak of the Lockdown One, we had to ask ourselves: how important could a suit be during these times?

A suit is worthy of investments more than ever to those who appreciate its utility and value.

Whilst we have all realized that less is more in our lives, unlike fast fashion, which is dependent on trends, a Bespoke Suit with a superior material, proper construction and ample care can be worn to last for years.

Gresham fitting Mr. Coogan in our Brighton Consulting Rooms

In the months that we were allowed to open, we observed more and more people suiting up, couples being more decisive than ever with their wedding plans and their intention to tie the knot sooner rather than later.

Definitely a case of, ‘Love wins, and life must go on.’

We LOVED getting back into hands on tailoring.

The GB Tailoring Team ?

So now we are in Lock Down 3. In anticipation of better days (vaccines are now being rolled out), Team GB would like to remind you, that even though we are shut, our appointment diary is open.

We have adapted and are confidently able to use video messaging such as Zoom or WhatsApp, so that we can initially meet virtually and go through style and design and cloths.

Fal Blake having an Online Consultation with Harry for his wedding suit.

Nathalie, having an online consult with Steve who is prepping to look smart after Lock Down 3.

A ‘Virtual Appointment’ can get the whole thing started. In a way, its a great way to begin to design your suit as there is so much to think about in having your perfect suit and this way you will get the time to really be able to research, with our help.

Following your ‘Virtual Appointment’ we will schedule the production time into our workshop plans, so that as soon as we are able to open, and you can come in to be measured, we will have everything ready for you.

This is particularly important for those of you who may have an event on the horizon. If we can have an online consultation with you during Lock Down, we can narrow down cloth and design choices and also optimize our planning and production so that we can prioritise your suit.

Over Lockdown 3, we will be running a special promotion, that will ensure, that when life does return to normal, we will help you ensure you put ‘Your Best Foot Forward.’ By committing to a minimum spend of £1000 on a Bespoke Suit, and putting down a £500 deposit, online, we will make you a pair of Bespoke Shoes to complement your Bespoke Suit, worth £385. Alternatively, we will make you a waistcoat to go with your Bespoke Suit, free of charge.

If you would like to take advantage of this, simply CLICK on the image below.

Alternatively, BOOK your appointment in our Online Calendar and we will call you to discuss and give you more information


We will then be in touch with you and schedule either a Video Call to discuss all your options and start making plans for the production of your suit.

At Gresham Blake, we are determined not to let our Sartorial Elegance fall.  As soon as we are allowed to open, the day-to-day fittings, consultations and measurements will be back on, utilizing 100% of the governments guidelines to ensure safety.  Until then, we can still part do the process virtually via Zoom. 

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