The third instalment from ‘Chime n Grime’ our Spring Summer 2018 series of fashion films is where it all starts to get a little bit hectic on this quantum leap inspired adventure.

‘The Leaping’ stars some really great faces, including British icon Ray Winstone, Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim), Laura Whitmore and Laurie Vincent from punk duo the ‘Slaves’.

Filmed at various locations here are some great behind the scenes shots from ‘Chime n Grime: The Leaping’.

Our leaper jumps straight into a very precarious situation and witnesses Ray  mid disposal at a Pig Farm……

Ray Winstone on set filming for Gresham Blake
Ray Winstone & Tess Dimos on set at the filming of Chime n Grime ‘The Leaping’


Ray Winstone | Laurie Vincent | Gresham Blake
Getting that killer shot, Ray Winstone, Laurie Vincent and Videographer Jonathan Nicol

Laurie, Ray and Tess are all dressed head to toe in Gresham Blake. You can get Ray’s complete look online. If you are in the market for a bespoke tartan suit, this can be achieved by booking in with our team of tailors.

Laurie Vincent | Gresham Blake | Chime n Grime
Laurie Vincent, Behind the scenes photo op’, wearing a bespoke Gresham Blake Tartan Suit.


Ray Winstone | Gresham Blake
Ray Winstone stealing Gresham’s signature pose. All items available online.

It was really great to be able to get Laura Whitmore involved in these fashion films. We managed to film this segment whilst shooting for a separate collaboration with Laura & the MTV Staying Alive Foundation.

Laura Whitmore | Gresham Blake
Kenny making sure Laura is ready for shot.

We love this tongue and cheek segment which features Tess and Norman Cook, polishing his massive collection of smileys and looking effortlessly cool in a Gresham Blake Mustard Yellow Tracksuit (available online here)

Here’s norman getting ready for shot

Norman Cook | FatBoy Slim | Gresham Blake
Norman getting ready to admire his smileys.
Norman Cook | Tess Dimos | Gresham Blake
Tess, behind the scenes wearing our limited edition Big Breakfast Polo Dress; Coming soon.
Tess Dimos | Gresham Blake
Tess getting 5 mins down time between takes
Norman Cook | Tess Dimos | Gresham Blake
Norman and Tess got time for this epic photo, filled with all the smileys.
Gresham Blake | Tess Dimos
Gresham can never resist a photobomb!

Stay tuned to keep up to date with this fashionable adventure. All garments worn are available as part of the Gresham Blake Spring Summer 2018 collection. Find us online and in Brighton & London.

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