Gresham Blake Bespoke Post Lockdown

Further to Boris’s announcement on the 17th March, we thought that our whole world would fall apart and it almost did. Both the shops were closed, meaning most of our team were put on Furlough leave, a term we had never ever heard of before. Our production has to be paused and our workshops had to close too. We followed the governments advice. Both myself and Gresham got very sick right at the very start. That was the most difficult part. Particularly when Gresham had to stay in the hospital. But we recovered, albeit left with some unwanted effects that may take some time to heal. Silver lining on the cloud is that our doctors have advised that we will have a degree of immunity now.

For this reason, we felt quite safe and protected when we were finally allowed to reopen on 15th June.

Gresham Blake Brighton

“We have been completely overwhelmed by the support our loyal clients have shown us through the lockdown, and now that we have reopened again. The emails and phone calls with endless support and encouragement have been so humbling. For that we wholeheartedly THANK-YOU, Fal and Gresham x

We were always going to be back. And here we are!

We have introduced many social distancing ‘measures’ to ensure the safety for both our clients and teams.

Our Brighton Bespoke Fitting Room has screens. Feels a little like we are playing ‘bank manager’.

Likewise our London Fitting Rooms has a screens too.

Both our shops are extremely well ventilated with lots of windows, that we keep open for air circulation.

For our bespoke consultations we will provide a private room, with a two hour consultation time.

We provide masks, if wanted. And in between fittings, we steam and clean anything that anyone tries on.

Our head tailor Luke Morgan, steam cleaning.

We also provide an iconic GB Facemasks FOC for anyone that is having a Bespoke Consultation.

Our facemasks are flying out of our shelves, literally. We have some brand new designs arriving early next week. Watch out for the mailshot!

We have many suits ready now for fittings and I know that a lot have you have already been called by our production manager, Rita or your tailoring consultant. We completely understand that plans have had to be rearranged even to next year. We want to assure you that if you pick your suits up, we will definitely do fittings nearer to your event, to ensure that perfect fit.

We are also getting new enquiries for Bespoke suits. If you are considering have a tailor made suit from us then now really is the time to buy. Obviously, we really appreciate your business right now. It is worth noting that right now we getting some very deals on cloths with some very exclusive cloth merchants. Scabal, Dormeuil and Holland and Sherry are offering us some huge savings on single lengths of cloth, that we will pass on to you fully. This means you can make savings of up to 30% on purchasing a Bespoke suit, if we can get the saving. Needless to say, we are very grateful for all your business right now too.

So, as a ‘thank-you’ for every one off bespoke suit order we take from now until end of July, we will make a complimentary Bespoke Shirt.

If you are after ‘Back to Work’ suits, we are launching our ‘Back to Work’ promotion early this year. And by early, I mean now.

It’s “2 Bespoke suits with extra trousers made out of a selected range of 12 oz British Worsted for £1400”, that’s £700 for a 2pc bespoke suit with extra trousers (and that bespoke shirt). To book a consultation just click on the image of Steve above.

With regards to our ready to wear collections, I’m sure that you can understand that this year we have been left with more stock than normal at this time of year. Hence we do have 50% discount on selected products in our summer sale.


It’s going to take some time to get back to normality. Together, we will all get through it.

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