Gresham Blake X Childrensalon in Partnership with Nickelodeon

Gresham Blake X Childrensalon

As a unique and flamboyant brand that breaks away from from the norm. Gresham Blake strives to make luxury clothing and tailoring more accessible and friendly.

Expanding into kidswear was an oh so natural progression for Gresham Blake, and with it we’ve brought vibrancy, free spirit and untainted imagination. We are excited to introduce Gresham Blake’s luxury childrenswear collection, designed in collaboration with Childrensalon and Nickelodeon (Viacom).

Gresham Blake X Childrensalon
Krabby Patty Shirt.

Inspired by all the wonderful things that surround our children’s lives. From sports and animals, games and toys, to their wild imaginations, taking them to space and driving race cars.

We’ve aimed to create a range full off diversity, allowing all children to find something to identify with. Alongside our exclusively designed eye-catching patterns, you’ll see Nickelodeon heavyweights, such as Spongebob Squarepants, Ren & Stimpy, Hey Arnold! and Rugrats.

Nickelodeon have been the face of children’s television for nearly forty years. Their characters resonate with a vast audience, including many of our existing clientele.

Gresham Blake X Childrensalon
Ren and Stimpy Polo Shirt

Characters include the likes of; Chucky from Rugrats, Patrick Star of SpongeBob SquarePants and of course Ren & Stimpy (plus many many more), captured the hearts of many, something we’ve always aimed to do with our designs. The collection  is a lovable and distinct range that will appeal to all. 

Our exclusive collection for Childrensalon, one of the most significant names in luxury kidswear, is in esteemed company. As the largest online retailer for children, you’ll find over 270 brands and the most illustrious designers.

Childrensalon was born in Tunbridge Wells. Since their founding in 1952, Childrensalon has remained independent, sharing similar values we have at Gresham Blake. If any of our kidswear is out of stock on our website, be sure to head to where the whole collection is available. 

“I’ve always followed & admired them, so when this opportunity came along I couldn’t wait to see what we could create together. The synergy between us – being family run, creative and a friendly business – is the reason why this collaboration is so exciting – it just works.”Gresham Blake

Mary The Snail Polo Dress

To launch this collaboration, Gresham Blake & Childrensalon teamed up with Perri from Diversity and members of Diversity Juniors, who feature in the campaign video. Perri shot to fame with Diversity in 2009, winning the infamous Britian’s Got Talent. They wowed the nation with their street dance routines. As did Diversity Juniors during this years Britian’s Got Talent, on their way to the final.

Gresham Blake X Childrensalon
Building Bricks Shirt, Polo Shirt also available

The kidswear campaign video features the above mentioned performing an eccentric dance routine whilst wearing items from the new collection. Alongside them you’ll see young children having fun and dancing. We wanted the children to be as natural and free as possible, to express how the clothes and music made them feel.

The end result is a true representation of what our kidswear collection is all about. It’s jam-packed with technical routines, heart-warming smiles and a screen full of colour. An authentic representation of how children will feel while wearing Gresham Blake kidswear.

Watch our kidswear campaign video HERE

Explore our kidswear range in full HERE.  Designed for children of all ages, the collection is in sizes 2 years to 16 years. 



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