KEEP IT G (Chime & Grime) Music & Fashion Collaboration

Gresham Blake aka Shakeable Germ and Phats & small have released their 3rd and most ambitious track and music video to date. 

Shakeable Germ, Phats & Small, Footsie, D Double E,Orbital, and J Appiah ( Jourdan Riane in picture)

We have mixed Grime and Dance ( with the help from Orbitals signature track Chime) to produce music that crosses genres. The track is produced by Phats & Small and Grime producer Footsie who along with D Double E go back 2 back on the tune. D Double E and Footsie are original members of the ground breaking grime act Newham Generals. D Double E won an lifetime achievement award to Grime being recognised as one of genres founding artists. The award was presented by BBC Radio 1 Xrta in 2019. You may have also heard him on last years Ikea advert.

It has already caused some interesting reactions  in the hardcore Grime world and that it was Gresham Blake is about. As in our fashion we like to make a statement.

TV Dinners

The video directed by Kenny McCracken features a Quantum leap story that reflects the button press society of fast route to fame and fortune with the inevitable consequences. With reference to TV dinners, quick solutions and socials emoji icons. It’s a fast paced and has the fast insaneness of modem day living.

The video show case Gresham blake fashion and diversity in the design of bespoke clothing

The video stars Tess Dimos and Phil Grundy with cameos from Laura Whitmore, Ray Winstone, Rag and Bone Man, Mark Williams , Laurie Vincent and Fatboy Slim, Orbital, Gresham Blake, Jason Phats and off course Ren & Stimpy

GRM Daily writes..

“D Double E, Footsie, Phats & Small, Orbital, J Appiah and Shakeable Germ have teamed up to give us a new single entitled “Keep It G”.

Produced by Footsie and Phats and containing a sample of Orbital’s 1989 hit “Chime”, “Keep It G” is a fusion of both dance music and grime as we hear D Double and Footsie provide the track with their distinct styles, while J Appiah supplies a smooth hook. With scenes of D Double E and Footsie suited and booted in a lavish bar, as well as shots of established actor Ray Winstone in a field, the visuals for “Keep It G” are both sophisticated and gritty”. GRM

Click on Orbitals’s Phil Hartnoll to help Keep It G

Thanks this will help us get radio play by streaming on your normal platforms. We are aiming to hit radio 1 Extra on Friday night. So thanks for your help


So watch the video and read the comments

Its amazing what people do when they get together and experiment and this all would not be possible with out the help everyone involved in the Shakeable Germ collective who have worked hard to create the music and video. 

Director Kenny McCracken

DOP John Nichols

Gaffer Richard Osbourne

Faye Fillingham for assisting on everting

Hair – Simon Webster, Loura Griffiths, Hugo Razal and mark Wooley

Make Up – Xoë Kingsley 

Extras – Suzette Brissett

Cast not mentioned – D Double E, Footsie, Simone Piper, Scarlett Quinn, Jason Phats, Gresham Blake, Emma Jane, Rob Tupper, Beth Rouy, Paul Anderson, Zakiya wellington, Vicki Leung, Neetu Dahota, Lily Fields, Charlotte Hawthorne

Special thanks to

The Grand Hotel brighton, Sony Music, Bluku Music, Dean marsh, keir Tyre, Andy Dong, platinum Lace, Nickerlodeon,Tim Flemming, Ed the Tree, republic of Music.

Other videos by The Shakeable Germ Collective

More on how Shakeable Germ came about next time.


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