The 1980’s. The Business, Our Business, Danny Dyer and Gresham Blake

Gresham first met Danny Dyer back in 2004, when he was asked to design a collection of 80’s style suits for the iconic film ‘The Business‘ written and directed by Nick Love. The film stars Danny DyerTamer Hassan and Roland Manookian all of whom were in Love’s previous film The Football Factory.  The plot of The Business follows the Greek tragedy-like rise and fall of a young cockney‘s career within a drug importing business run by a group of British ex-patfugitivecriminals living on the coast of the Costa del Sol (aka the “Costa del Crime“) in Spain.

Back then, we were still very young in our own ‘Business‘. When we were asked to design the collection of 80’s style suits, it was slightly painful, as the 80’s suit era was not our favourite look. Shoulder pads and Power suits. The more ‘showy‘ about ones wealth the better. Bankers stripes, pinstripes, double breasted jackets, pleats – coupled with hair gel were all the hallmarks of the ‘Greed is Good’ mentality.

But, cringing, we made, and delivered them. What then happened was, part way through the filming in Spain, the suits were drycleaned – and damaged.

At once, we got a further comission, to remake the suits, a second time, quick sharp.

So, we made the entire collection up again!

Fast forward to 2019, and we are really proud of the 80’s style collection we designed for the film. We definitely nailed the look. Indeed we are now very nostalgic about that era – almost 40 years ago – doesnt seem real!

Danny Dyer, has recently rediscovered Gresham Blake. And we now have the pleasure of working with him again, and what a Diamond Geezer he is. He remembered the Pink Suit we had made for him for The Business.

For the BAFTA TV 2019 Awards he commisioned us to make him a Black Tux with a bespoke print for a lining.

For British Soap Awards 2019, we made him a Two-Piece Double Breasted Silver Mohair.

He texted , Love the Whistle – It’s perfect“.

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