The GB Art Wall

The Gresham Blake London store, situated in the heart of Shoreditch has recently had a bit of a re-fit, allowing us to install the GB Art Wall.

The GB Art Wall, exhibit 1 Laurie Vincent
Laurie Vincent / TAKE CARE; Mixed medium; 183cm X 121cm; £5000 / DELETE; 152cm X 121cm; Mixed medium; £4000


Over the next 12 months the #GBArtWall will be exhibiting art that Gresham Blake has a personal connection to.

With each artist, a suit will be created, which will be inspired by the artist’s work.

These suits will be amalgamated into an exhibition of the bespoke collaborations which will take place in June 2019.

Currently Showing: Laurie Vincent (@Laurieslavesvincent)


TAKE CARE: 183cm X 183cm – mixed medium – £5000

DELETE: 152cm X 121cm – mixed medium – £4000

Laurie Vincent’s work is, bold and expressive, powerful and rich in cultural references.

He is inspired by his life travelling as a musician, as the lead guitarist and vocalist of the Slaves; and his work often carries a political view.

Laure Vincent


“I want people to feel whatever they want when they look at my art. I don’t intend on telling people meanings or what I think my paintings represent. People should have their own experiences with them.”

Laurie Vincent grew up in Maidstone, Kent and currently lives in Brighton, East Sussex.

Who’s next?

Upcoming artists include Dan Baldwin & Adrienne Blake.

Everyone welcome

We encourage all art lovers to make the visit to our Shoreditch store (Gresham Blake, 143 Commercial Street, London, E1 6BJ), to view the pieces on display, to keep up to date with the GB Art Wall, follow #GBArtWall on social media.

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