The Many Shirts of the Three Wine Men

If you have a love of all things wine, then you have more than likely stumbled across the Three Wine Men on more than one occasion. Infact, even if your not the biggest wine buff in the world, you will be more than familiar with the faces of Oz Clark, Olly Smith and Tim Atkin.  All three men grace the TV waves on a regular basis. 

Three Wine Men | Gresham Blake
The Three Wine Men, Oz, Tim and Olly

All Three Wine Men are regular Gresham Blake clients, with Olly being local to our Brighton store. We are always thrilled to see the guys sporting our signature Gresham Blake patterned shirts at their events.

Tim and Olly are also partial to the odd Gresham Blake suit! 

Check out the below gallery of shots stolen from The Three Wine Mens Instagram account. Some styles are still available, others unfortunately are not, due to all our shirt collections being limited edition. 

The Three Wine Men
Olly in the Blue Vine Shirt, Tim in the Illuminated Flower Shirt and Oz in the White Navajo Feather Shirt
Oz Clark | Three Wine Men | Gresham Blake
Oz Clark in the Murder Of Crows Shirt
Tim Atkin | Three Wine Men | Gresham Blake
Tim Atkin in the Pills Shirts (now sold out)
Oz Clark | Three Wine Men | Gresham Blake
Oz Clark in the Purple Summer Dragonfly Shirt (now sold out)
The Three Wine Men | Gresham Blake
Olly, Oz & Tim who is wearing the Blue Lolly Shirt
Olly Smith | Three Wine Men | Gresham Blake
Olly wearing his bespoke Octopus Shirt, created using our online Shirt Builder.
The Three Wine Men | Gresham Blake
Tim wearing a Romantic Rose Shirt, Oz in the Murder of Crows Shirt and Olly in the Garden Butterfly Shirt

On occasion the guys are also joined by Tom Surgey of Ridgeview Wine. He to is partial to a Gresham Blake Shirt. 

Tom Surgey | Three Wine Men | Gresham Blake
Tom Surgey wearing a Girl Wonder Retro Patch Shirt

We don’t just create prints for men, they also appear through our collection of limited edition womens cotton and silk shirts, all of which are available online. 

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