Not many types of clothing can be classed as a wardrobe essential. An overcoat is useful. In today’s dressed down world, it’s a good way of getting some benefits from tailoring without looking overly dressed up.

With a suit, a long overcoat can feel commanding and authoritative. With a chunky sweater and some jeans, they can add a touch of sophistication to an otherwise casual ensemble.

The fit of an overcoat is paramount. At Gresham Blake, the first thing we will do is measure you. We will take into consideration how you want to wear your coat; take the number of layers you will be wearing into account.

An overcoat should fit comfortably on top of other layers without restricting movement. In other words, it should really be able to work as a last-minute addition that you can throw on as you rush out of the door.

In terms of what cloth to choose, thinking about how you plan on using your overcoat is an essential. We’d all love the soft, plush feel that cashmere brings – but is this durable. Likewise, 100% wool may be appealing, but if you are wearing all day, every day a blended material may be better which will preserve colour and shape better. And do consider tweed. We like putting a contemporary twist on historically traditional designs. Tweed is also able to take a serious battering before showing signs of wear and tear – a favourite of ours at Gresham Blake.

 By investing in a Bespoke Overcoat at Gresham Blake, you are investing in a piece of garment that will stay with you for many seasons to come.

  • Gresham Blake Bespoke Overcoats start from £800
  • We have hundreds of suitable cloths you can choose from, classics to tweeds.
  • We have hundreds of linings for you to choose
  • It takes approximately 6-8 weeks from receipt of cloth to make an overcoat (but we do offer an express service)
  • Book online for Brighton or London
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