The Official Brighton & Hove Tartan

Our go to photographer, Kenny McCracken (responsible for all our seasonal photography and videography) is Scottish & has alway’s said that it is a shame that Brighton & Hove does not have it’s own official tartan.

Each season Gresham Blake produces a small capsule collection of tartan trews, which fly out of the stores, due to the popularity of these tartan trews and the demand we get from our clientele, Gresham decided that Kenny indeed had a very valid point – Why doesn’t Brighton & Hove have it’s own tartan?

Having spoken to many of our clients and also floating the idea with the Brighton & Hove locals, Gresham Blake decided that the Brighton & Hove Tartan is something that had to happen.  The tartan should be designed to reflect the rich culture and flamboyant history of Brighton & Hove.

The finished cloth hints towards these things: A mixture of blues (the sea), greens (the South Downs), gold and pink (the city’s flamboyance).

As with all official tartans the cloth needed to be certified by a member of the local authority office before it could meet the conditions for the Scottish Register of Tartans Act. Thanks to Mayor Peter West for approving the cloth for us!

Brighton & Hove Tartan Certificate

Traditional trews and accessories such as ties and pocket squares made in the Brighton & Hove Tartan will be exclusive to Gresham Blake.

Brighton & Hove Tartan Tie

For those that want to purchase and use the cloth independantly you can contact Gresham Blake who own the rights (and approve it’s use) to this very special and unique cloth on: production@greshamblake.com

If you would like to book an appointment for a made-measure or bespoke garment made from the Brighton & Hove Tartan, you can do so by booking an appointment with one of our Tailoring Consultants in either Brighton or London, or simply pop into store and chat to us!

Thanks to the Brighton & Hove Mayors Parlour for approving and launching the Brighton & Hove Tartan for us.

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