David Dimbleby; Not Goodbye, But Goodnight

David Dimbleby hosting his last BBCQT wearing a Gresham Blake Scorpion Tie (now sold out)

We have been watching David Dimbleby chair BBC Question Time for the last 25 years, and it has always been a pleasure!

David Dimbleby | Bee Tie | Gresham Blake
David Dimbleby sporting a Gresham Blake Pink Bees Tie (now sold out)

We were thrilled when David hosted his last ever evening as chair of the show iconic show in Dec 2018 sporting one of his many Gresham Blake ties.

David Dimbleby | POW Tie | Gresham Blake
David Dimbleby sporting a Gresham Blake POW Tie in Black

David was wearing the Gresham Blake Scorpion Tie in turquoise, particularly apt as it matches his Scorpion Tattoo (on his shoulder for those that  are curious!).

David Dimbleby | Scorpion Tie | Gresham Blake
Gresham Blake Turquoise Scorpion Tie

For a number of years David Dimbleby has independently been a fan of a Gresham Blake Tie, as a brand we a have really enjoyed seeing so many of our designs grace the nations screens.

David Dimbleby | Insect Tie | Gresham Blake
David Dimbleby sporting a Gresham Blake Victoriana Tie

We never knew if or when this is going to happen, but it has always a happy surprise when it does. The most notable occasions would include the EU Referendum vote, where he sported our Pink Shark Tie, followed then by the results of the 2017 General Election where he wore one of our floral Wonderland Ties

David Dimbleby | Shark Tie | Gresham Blake
Presenting the EU Referendum results in a Gresham Blake Shark Tie
David Dimbleby | Floral Tie | Gresham Blake
David at the 2017 General Election sporting a Gresham Blake Wonderland Tie.

What we love most is the reaction that David’s Ties have across the Twittersphere (someone has even created a profile dedicated to his ties), the public’s curiosity as to what the designs are, sheer delight at them or sometimes less complimentary comments have always provided us with a smile! 

David Dimbleby | Ties | Gresham Blake
An example of what to expect if you search #DimblebyTie or #BBCQTTie into Twitter.

It was really great to see the BBC Press Team put together this film of David’s top ten ties, all of which we are pleased to say, are from Gresham Blake. 

All the tie designs worn by David Dimbleby are limited edition designs and can be found online or in our Brighton & Shoreditch stores. We usually make only 12 in each design, which means that once he has worn them, they often sell out rather quickly. We like to call it the Dimbleby Effect. 

David; We really do hope that this is not goodbye, but just goodnight.

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