Pulling Off The ‘Peaky Blinder’

Peaky Blinders
BBC’s Peaky Blinders – (not a Gresham Blake image)
Not since Mad Men hit our screens has a period drama inspired such a resurgence and appreciation for an era’s style. And rightly so, Peaky Blinders is set around the ’20s with a nod to military tainted styling of the time.
There are many ways to achieve that look whilst still in keeping of modern day trends.Here are a few key elements to help you achieve the post-war 1920’s gangster, armed with rage, revolution and a dress sense sharp enough to cut from ear to ear.
The Suit
It’s the main component to this look. Other elements will simply compliment or enhance your commitment to it.
Gresham Blake Bespoke Suit Peaky Blinders
Gresham Blake Bespoke Suit
Fabric is key here. And Gresham Blake are lucky enough to have access to the actual fabrics used in Peaky Blinders. They are woven at the Stanley mills in West Yorkshire, where the cloth is washed and pressed using only the purest water from the Penine hills.
Woven by twisting coloured yarns together provides depth of colour seldom seen. They are nicely weighted resulting in a sharp finish sturdy enough to withstand a ruckus (or your daily commute).

Ideally the suit should be a three piece. During the ’20s, tweeds and hopsacks were the favoured weaves but Herringbone or occasional muted check will work perfectly. 

Gresham Blake Bespoke Suit - Peaky Blinders
Gresham Blake Bespoke Suit featured in our ‘Look Book’ 
Current jacket trends suggest a slim lapel. However for this particular look, a more prominent design works best, But you can still keep a nice close fit.
This works well with or without a lapel. Although they are less common, I personally lean towards having one as it gives the waistcoat more character, and when left to defend itself without the aid of a jacket, a lapelled waistcoat fairs better. If a lapel is your preference, our bespoke tailoring service can fulfil this for you. 
A slightly looser leg with a pleated front is in keeping with the look, but for the modern ‘blinder’ a slimmer leg without pleats will carry just as much clout.
Trousers of the time were often cropped higher to allow more boot on show, but if blood spattered ankles isn’t a concern our Gresham Blake tailors can cater for your needs. A narrow base to the trouser will always compliment the leg whatever stompers you choose.
Gresham Blake Peaky Blinders
Khaki Chino
Flat Cap
Perched upon an era-fitting sleek and sharp haircut is a great way to top the outfit. One made in a matching fabric to the suit will show you mean business.
For the colder days approaching. When out making sure the the streets are safe or just returning home from the office, a nice heavy cloth in a complimentary muted (often darker) colour will complete the look. The overcoats in the show tend to have a larger lapel even tending towards being slightly oversized. Like the jacket, personal preference can dictate these elements.
Gresham Blake Peaky Blinders
Charcoal Wool Whipcord Covert Coat
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