The Many Faces Of A White Shirt

A white shirt can come in so many guises with so many details, many more than you may expect.  At Gresham Blake we are all about the details so Martin, our Bespoke Tailoring Consultant based in the Brighton store, has put together a collection of white shirts. Each one different from the next to give you some choice when it comes to this staple wardrobe piece.

Nehru Collar Shirt

The Nehru Collar is of Indian origin with the name being coined by the then prime minister, but the design dates back far longer. For me this shirt works so well being styled with a relaxed jacket and chino’s for a more casual look would be perfect.  The single button cuff lends itself to this more laid back look beautifully. 

Dress Shirt

Our Dress Shirt will have you covered for any formal events. This is the essence of elegance, with it’s textured front and double cuffs and also giving you the choice to wear a pair of our cufflinks, any of which will be the perfect compliment. Couple this with a classic dinner suit or something a little different, either of which we can help you with, you’ll be sure to look sharp.

Dress Shirt by Gresham Blake

Penny Collar

The Penny Collar has become something of an icon recently, mainly due to finding its way around the neck of one Thomas Shelby amongst others in BBC’s Peaky Blinders. We have made the collar length slightly longer making it more versatile and easier to wear.  I love the subtlety of this, it can take a very tight half windsor or a 4 in hand tie knot perfectly.  With a 60’s cut boating stripe blazer over the top, a fitted pair of smart trousers and some two tone brogues to finish.

Gresham Blake Peaky Blinders
Thomas Shelby (middle) of BBC’s Peaky Blinders (not a Gresham Blake image)

White Double Cuff Shirt

This is one of  two slightly more classically designed shirts in the collection, though it’s not without its detailing.  With its semi cut away collar, which looks just as good undone as with a tie,  we have added a double cuff and two buttons to the collar to make the stand slightly higher.  If you want a shirt to wear with a suit or as a casual stand alone garment then this is the one you need.

White Double Cuff Shirt by Gresham Blake

Kent Collar 

If you need a truly classic crisp white shirt the Kent Collar in the collection is exactly that.  One button on the collar, double cuff and an angled point that sits perfectly under a suit.  The pitch of the collar point also follows the line of a waistcoat as it falls over your chest which makes the shirt and suit form an effortless lesson in sharp simplicity.

Kent Collar Shirt by Gresham Blake
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