Shakeable Germ – Dead Redemption

We are very excited to say TODAY, is the day this AMAZING TRACK is released (and you thought we only made suits?)


Gresham Blake has teamed up with “Shakeable Germ” and Jason Phats from Phats and Small to create their second music video.

Frankie Vincentio AKA ‘The Curly Wolf’

Dead Redemption is a tale of revenge.

Scarlet Quinn AKA “Montana Mayflower”

Featuring the Guitar of Laurie Vincent from the punk Band Slaves, and the vocals of Scarlett Quinn and Ashley Slater which have been hogged tied together by Phats and Small to create this pop and Western tale of  love, loss, relationships and struggle.

Laurie Vincent from the punk band Slaves

And you will be on the edge of your seat with it’s gun slinging music video, styled by fashion designer Gresham Blake., it has all the hallmarks of an epic western showdown. See you at Noon.

Ofcourse, there are some Cameo apperances, by some of our clients that readily jumped at an opportunity to be COWBOYS for the day. Can you spot anyone you know?

We see you Mr. Butler...

Even I show up, in a particulary gruesome part…

You can download this, by clicking on the image below. By doing this, you will help make this track a hit.

Gresham Blake AKA “The Sheriff”

Shakeable Germ is a collective of Musicians, actors, producers and other creatives who are experimenting outside of their normal genre, to make music and music video.

Thought up over a coffee fashion designer Gresham Blake and Jason Phats of Phats & Small. They have already brought out there first track Quintessentially British, staring Steve Coogan in the video,

This will be followed up, in December of this year by the stomping “GRIME & CHIME, produced by Footsie and Phats & Small. With Help from the Orbital’s signature track Chimes and rapping from D Double E and Footsie, the Newham Generals. We must say the video is mental, with cameo from Laurie Vincent Slaves, Ray Winstone, Laura Whitmore, Fatboy Slim, Mark Williams, Rag n Boneman and even Ren and Stimpy…Its nuts to say the least...

Simone Jane Piper AKA “Wild Piper”

So longer partners…we hope y’all enjoy.

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