The Perfect Adhoc Shoot

So, Steve Coogan recently popped into our Brighton store for a fitting on his latest bespoke suit, and by chance so did Faye, who was in for a fitting on her red gabardine suit. At the same time, Emily, our Head of E-Commerce was dog sitting her friends dog, Rufus, (he usually resides at The Old Rectory Estate, check it out!)

It all just seemed to say ‘PHOTOSHOOT’.

Steve Coogan | Faye Fillingham | Gresham Blake
The final image.

So, we called on Xoë Kingsley for some makeup; Simon Webster for the hair; and got Kenny McCracken to rush in and come up with a photo.

Simon Webster | Steve Coogan | Gresham Blake
Simon Webster adding the finishing touches to Faye’s hair

Kenny used a comping technique to create this amazing photo, each aspect was shot individually; first Rufus, then Faye and finally myself and Steve.

Steve is wearing a 2 piece loose canvas mohair suit, and I’m in a double breasted suit (to match my chin).

Faye Fillingham | Steve Coogan | Gresham Blake
Faye and Rufus, patiently waiting.

It all went a bit mental, especially with Steve needing his suit adjusted while people waited and set.!

Sometimes it’s worth doing spontaneous things in life, or we wouldn’t get the sort of picture that we have now.

Steve Coogan | Photoshoot | Gresham Blake
Myself and Fal tweaking Steve’s suit

Thanks again to everyone who dropped everything and came over, to Steve who is on fire at the moment with This Time, Alan Partridge.

Kenny McCracked | Steve Coogan | Gresham Blake
Kenny, setting up the shot.

And Steve, I promise I will sort out my messy kitchen!!

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