At Gresham Blake we specialize in women’s bespoke tailoring.  We have created patterns and designs to produce elegant, feminine and empowering garments.

The fit is paramount with ladies tailoring.  We will construct a suit precisely for your body shape and size.

It’s just as much ‘how you feel’ when you put on a suit as ‘how it makes you look’

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A day – to -day suit, one that you actually ‘want’ to wear rather than ‘have’ to wear, which makes you look and feel your best.

A perfect business suit needs comfort as well as style, tailored to make you feel fantastic.  We understand the daily demands that may be placed on work suits with potential heavy wear and travelling.

Our team of Bespoke consultants will give you the right advise on the best options for you.  For business wear, we would take into consideration how smart you need to look, how durable you need the cloth to be and how comfortable to wear the cloth is.

We will guide you through our extensive cloth/lining ranges and together we will design a beautifully tailored business suit with little accents of detail should you wish.

BOOK ONLINE OR CALL 01273 609587

Being very competitively priced, we can guarantee you will not be disappointed.

  • We have thousands of cloths to choose from
  • Business suits start from £700 for a 2 piece (do ask our team for special promotions)
  • Our expert tailors will guide you through every stage
  • It takes approx. 6-8 weeks to make a suit

BOOK ONLINE OR CALL 01273 609587

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