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Spiders Shirt

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Part of our 'Pop Art' collection. A collection that has a contemporary and playful edge. This is not a polka dot – these are SPIDERS! Not for the arachnophobes. Luckily, Team GB LOVE our little eight-legged friends. A fact we love about spiders, is that pound for pound, silk is stronger than steel. And Spiders have plenty of it. What a posh material to build your house from! A second impressive fact is that the males of certain spider species pluck their webs like a guitar to attract females. How romantic! We think you will look effortlessly stylish in our Spider Print Shirt. All our prints are designed, in house by Gresham and his Design Team in our Brighton studio. The team like to keep the prints playful, often bright and always following the Gresham Blake unique signature. We only print up to 100m of each design making each design very limited edition. In-fact we only make 30 of most shirts and hold the extra fabric back for bespoke shirting. We use the highest quality modern printing techniques on superb 100% fine cotton. The fit has been refined for a great regular confident feel, that has comfort and wear-ability the new design has a two button cuff with a mitred edge, classic single button collar that holds a tie well and also will sit nicely opened necked or our favourite an “air tie”

  • Men's Spider Shirt
  • 'Pop Art' print design
  • Tailored Cut
  • Classic Collar
  • Single Cuff, 2 button
  • Designed Exclusively by Team GB
  • Limited Edition, Part of our 20 Year Collection

Bespoke Gresham Blake Print

100% Cotton
Machine Washable

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